the simple past tense of regular verbs

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  • i walked to the game yesterday
  • you prefered to go in you car
  • tom arribed fifteen minutes early
  • he studied the ruler of the game
  • it stated at tow o`clock sharp
  • it ended at four-thirty
  • we liked our seats in the center
  • the two teams played very well

2. el preterito indica una acción acabada en un tiempo definido de pasado

3. el preterito de los verbos regulares se forman añadiendo ed a la forma sencilla del verbo es igual con todas las personas.


walk --- walked

                                i walked – yo caminaba

                                you walked – tu caminabas

  • si el verbo termina en e se añade d.


 like --- liked

arrive --- arrived

  • si el verbo termina en y precedida de una consonante se agrega y a la i antes del ed.

example: study --- studied

                   play --- played

  • si el verbo termina en una consonante presidida de una sola vocal y si la ultima silaba se acentúa se dobla la consonante final y se añade ed.

example: prefer ------ prefered 



rellene los espacios con el verbo indicado en pasado.

one day john ---------------- to go to visit and old friend tom when john ------------------ he on the door, but no one -------------------- he----------------- where tom ---------------- john ------------------ around for an hour but no one ----------------- john then ------------------ that he – should have ------------------ first so john ----------------- to a booth to call tom john ---------------- tom`       s house but no one ----------------- up the phone, so he --------------- tom`s girlfried tom`s girfried ------------------ :

  • hello, this is john is tom there
  • hi john no tom isn`t here, he --------------- fishing yesterday
  • does he have a celular phone
  • yes, i`ll give you the number  555.223.454
  • thank,s good- bay
  • your welcome, so long.

so john ----------------- some mone money in the phone and----------------- tom so cellular phone but no one ----------------- so he --------------- a message.

on his answering machine john then --------------- back home on his way home he ------------------ a dinner that looked good and ----------------- in he ---------------- to the door and -------------------- at the menu, the menu ---------------- to he reasonably --------------------- so he ------------------ and -------------------- dinner and then ---------------- home  and --------------- to bed.

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