the norms the school

the norms the school

can not underline  the desk, wall.

Can not use work vulgar.

Can not leave the classroom or hour free.

 used the uniform adequate.

Can not eat or drink in hour class.

Do task or homework.

Can not arrive or intoxicated.

Can not Sabotage in the cultural activities.

Can not used polvoro inside the institution.

Can not take  Pornographic  material at institution.

Can not Exaggerated manifestations of friendship or courtship.

Can not bring  anímals, móvil telephone and 

others what ínfers  in the development of the    clases.

Can not do fraud test  or examination.

Can not to sabotege or to interrupt the classes.

Can  not ridicule your classmte.

Can not do used evil Money the group.

Can not shout and produce nuise inside the institution.

Can not to smoke inside the institution.

 Can not goes without do the cleanliness.

Can not insult or disrespect the classmate.

Can not throw rubbish in the classroom, garden and aisle at institution.

Can not ridicule your classmate

Can not arrive late at school or classroom



Lic. Matilde  Álvarez luna.


el  taller lo deben presentar traducido y averiguar 10 normas mas y traducirlo al ingles.